What is Savey.co all about?

Totaly free, for you

Savey.co is freely available to all visitors courtesy of Asociatia Events NGO. We are committed to furthering the development of this app and enabling volunteers to easily contribute to that work.

Knowing where your money goes

When you track your personal finances you can see where your money goes every month. This allows you to see where you could spend less, ultimately saving more money.

Managing multiple accounts with ease

Do you know your net worth? How much do you have in your piggy bank? Or in your bank account? Visualizing those numbers will give you a great feeling. Such peace.

Your financial evolution

You will be able to see that in two simple graphics. A six month expense vs. income chart and a monthly expense category chart. Time to feel proud!

Multiple accounts

You can manage your wallet, bank account and more. You choose how many accounts you'll watch.


Keep your expenses and incomes categorized will help you keep a better track of your money.


Create different currencies for each account. You can input any currency you prefer.

Cute reports

Nice simple reports will help you visualize you financial health and know exactly how you spend.